C.Y.N’s Fuck Radio (Short Film) and Arielle Roberts: Friday May 2o, 2016 at 7pm

We are thrilled to be screening Athens, GA hip-hop artist C.Y.N’s short film Fuck Radio (18 mins.) on Friday, May 20, 2016.

Fuck Radio is just that, on the surface, taking a critical look at mainstream media through the songs and trajectory of his latest EP of the same name. C.Y.N forces his way into a radio station (an act of border-crossing not permitted to marginalized black voices and narratives, unless those voices are compliant with existing power structures). Once there, and below the surface of simply wanting to be on radio, the film takes a sort of Inception route by drilling deeper into the world, exploring art, performance, police brutality, and overall, saying publicly what is necessary in our current social and political landscape. This film pushes the culture and conversation, and we are fortunate to be showing it.




Philadelphia’s own C.Y.N. bka Cool Young N.I.C.C.A. has been putting in work since 2011 with numerous live performances, internet radio appearances, 6 mix tapes and one short film on his resumé. It’s clear C.Y.N. is here to make his mark and push the hip-hop culture.

IG thereal_cyn
Arielle Roberts is a writer and a goof ball living in Denver, Colorado. She graduated from the University of Denver in 2013 with a dual degree in Creative Writing and Spanish. Her work hovers between the realms of poetry, prose, and fiction, and has often been categorized as micro or flash fiction. She is currently working on her first novel, a collection of vignettes which rely heavily on imagery and metaphor to explore the intricacies of relationships and the bizarre world of American suburbia.

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