Friday July 15, 2016 at 6pm: Julia Boughner, Jada Dunn, Sam Reiser, Cainen Neri, Norr

We’re doing a special summer reading and art show for some talented 9th grade writing and visual art students.

Julia Boughner is fourteen years old and going into her freshman year at Denver School of the Arts, where she majors in Creative Writing. She has had a passion for writing for as long as she can remember, and loves reading. She is inspired by the works of authors like Neil Gaiman, Kristiana Rae Colón, and Stephen King, and plans on following their footsteps to become an author in the future.

Cleo Lockhart is a 14 year old Creative Writing major at Denver School of the Arts. Throughout her life she has been inspired by fantasy authors like J.K Rowling and Neil Gaiman, who have given her a passion for telling stories. Along with this, she also enjoys reading, singing, acting, skiing, and taking every opportunity to make terrible puns. She does not enjoy eggnog or writing about herself. She aspires to one day be an author or fire-breathing dragon.

Jada Dunn is 14 years old and was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. She moved to Colorado when she was 8. At 3, she started drawing chocolate chip cookies and spiders but has moved on to drawing manga. She will be attending Denver School of the Arts for high school.

Norr is a 16 year old going into their junior year of highschool. They enjoy both creating art and writing stories. Works such as “Game of Thrones” written by George R. R. Martin and “Rick and Morty” designed by Justin Roiland heavily influence Norr and their pursuit of creativity. Though they may never manage to land a career in the art world they hereby promise to whatever deity may exist that they will never stop creating.

Cainen a 13 year old rising freshmen who loves art (obviously) is glad to be going to DSA. He loves Gustav Klimt and Sofles ( check them out , they’re really cool) . Street art is what really forms Cainen’s style.

Sam Reiser

Erin Andrews (Bluesuedebaby) is a 24-year-old artist born and raised in Denver, Colorado.
Erin’s work pulls from her own personal experiences with mental illness, sexuality, and loss of innocence. Her art seeks to subvert these themes and the emotions they invoke by projecting them through a whimsical, pastel-colored lens. In doing, she is able to uniquely explore the spaces between pain and beauty, light and dark, whimsy and tragedy, love and heartbreak, fantasy and reality, innocence and maturity — the countless dualities of human nature. Her primary mediums are paint, colored pencil, pen and ink, chalk pastel, collage, and digital media.


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