Teen Month: Waffa, Norr Neri, Meg Marshall, Jahki James: August 26, 2017



My name is Waffa, age 18, and reluctantly self-classified as an avid writer. I write namely for personal enjoyment as my main subjects include science fiction and fantasy. I have entered a grand total of two writing contests and have won one. I am majoring in communications and English.

Norr is a 17 year old kiddo who just enjoys writing as both an art form and a coping mechanism. Most of it consists of poetry and weirdly positive nihilism. Besides writing, they also enjoy petting cats, watching stupid TV shows, and creating terrible food concoctions such as Coca Cola with a tablespoon of hot sauce. If you’d like to try some, come see Norr at the end of the reading.


Megan Jessica Marshall is in the 11th grade and likes to write about history and short fiction stories. She is a Poms Dancer and would love to get a dance scholarship.
Meg wants to join the Navy and serve her country, she loves the USA. And also dreams of being a Rockette in New York City.
Jahki James

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